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If owning property or a house is an achievement, would you stand and watch its walls cracking, floors sagging or doors and windows jamming? It is an emotional experience to notice your property experiencing such problems in the foundation, and is quite a common problem for most homeowners.

Underpinning techniques can help to correct such foundation problems and restore stability and the structural integrity of your property. Several underpinning methods can be used to solve foundation problems. The effectiveness of house underpinning Gold Coast depends on the expertise of the underpinning contractor that you hire

Total Underpinning Gold Coast has years of experience in conducting foundation repairs across the Gold Coast area. We are familiar with the type of soil found in the area and the climatic conditions. Our team has several years of experience in servicing homes in your area and has serviced hundreds of homes to date. We have a reputation for professionalism and excellent service.

We work in all terrains, and in all conditions, including areas that have limited access. We have worked on many South-East underpinning projects in suburbs such as Mermaid Beach, Main Beach, Molendinar, Clear Island Waters, to name a few. We promise you high-quality work that is completed within set timeframes.

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What is underpinning?

Underpinning is the method of strengthening the foundation of a property and improving its stability. Additional support is needed to help the existing foundation bear the weight of the property. This may be achieved by adding reinforcements and extending the footings to evenly distribute the load, and improve the bearing capacity.

Does my house need underpinning?

There are many reasons why a building may need underpinning. Some of the common reasons for underpinning a house include:

Types of Underpinning

There are many methods used in underpinning foundations, which include:

Screw Pile

Screwpiles also called screw anchors, helic screws or helical piers, are made from high-strength steel that is screwed into the ground using powerful hydraulic motors. Once it reaches a firm sub-ground, it will remain in place and is used to support the footings of the building. It will support the foundation from a firm sub-ground.

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poor soil results in subsidence in the foundations and results in underpinning gold coast contractors being called to inspect the home
Carpenter adding an extra story to a building that will need underpinning gold coast

Mass concrete underpinning

Mass concrete underpinning is a method for repairing foundations by extending the older foundation to reach a firm sub-ground. The method involves excavating the ground to reach the firm strata, and construct underpins for supporting the weight of the foundation from the stable sub-ground.

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Beam and base underpinning

The pier and beam underpinning method also called the base and beam method, uses reinforced concrete beams that transfer the load to firm sub-ground or strata. It is suitable for deeper foundations where mass concrete methods cannot be used because a lot of excavation work is required. Some of the advantages include:

  1. They can be used in areas with limited access
  2. They are quick to install
  3. They do not leave less debris

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Carpenter adding an extra story to a home in Mermaid Waters in preparation for underpinning Gold Coast
cracking in building_s walls as a result of foundations shifting Underpinning gold coast contractors will be required to fix cracking in walls

Resin injection

This method uses resin that is injected into the ground through holes drilled around the foundation close to the weakest points. The resin fills all the gaps underground and expands as it dries, thereby hardening the soil. This will improve the ground’s load-bearing capacity, and may help to stabilise the foundation. This is not a method we utilise.

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What to consider when looking for an underpinning contractor

Finding the right underpinning contractor can make or break your project. Having the right contractor for your project can worsen the existing problem, increasing the costs of underpinning a house. You need to use the right method to help you find a reliable underpinning contractor for your project. Below are some key things to consider choosing your understanding contractor:

You need experienced footing contractors Gold Coast residents trust, to conduct foundation and wall repairs, restoring the beauty and stability of your home. We have been house underpinning Gold Coast suburbs for years. Such building repairs are our area of expertise.

Concrete Underpinning vs Resin Underpinning

Concrete underpinning, also called traditional underpinning, is a method used for stabilising foundations by supporting them from a stable sub-ground. The soil is excavated around the weakest points of the foundations. Underpins are marked and constructed at the weakest points along the foundation. Concrete is poured and left to cure before a building is loaded with the foundation.

On the other hand, the resin injection underpinning method uses resin injectors to pump resin into the ground through drilled holes. The resin will fill any gaps and cracks in the ground and hardens the surrounding soil as it dries. Resin expands as it dries, which helps to level the property that suffered house subsidence.

We do not recommend the resin injection underpinning method because this method does not allow traditional or concrete underpinning method to be used on the property, if the resin method does not stabilise the property, and the foundation problem still exists. For this reason, we recommend using screwpile or concrete underpinning methods when conducting Gold Coast restorations.

Some of the benefits of the concrete underpinning method include:

What causes foundation problems?

There are many reasons why a property may experience foundation problems. Some of the reasons include:

Leaks in the foundation

if there are leaks in the foundation, it will wash away the soil surrounding your foundation affecting the stability of your property.

Poorly prepared ground

 if a ground is poorly compacted, it will not adequately support the weight of the foundation. Some parts of the foundation may sink, causing problems in the foundation.

Type of soil

clay soil is very reactive and will poorly support the foundation. Clay soil swells and shrinks due to changes in moisture content. These changes may affect the strength of the foundation, resulting in foundation failure, also known as house subsidence. The upwards movement of a property – also called heaving, and downward movement due to the shrinking clay as it dries is called subsidence.

Poorly built footings

if the footings are poorly constructed, they will not adequately support the weight of the property, leading to a failure in the footings. Such a mechanical fault requires experts to correct it using suitable underpinning methods.

Changes in moisture content

the moisture content of the soil affects the ground’s bearing capacity. When the soil becomes damp, the bearing capacity of the ground may be affected, which could lead to foundation problems. Some properties may experience subsidence in such a climate.

Roots of trees in the foundation

if roots of trees grow towards the foundation, they may suck moisture from the ground, affecting the foundation’s ability to hold a stable level of moisture. 

Have you noticed any of the following problems?

There are many ways to spot and correct foundation failures, and before it's too late. Below are some of the warning signs of problems in your foundation:

Once you have spotted any of those warning signs, contact reliable underpinning specialists to inspect your home for any signs of foundation failure. Underpinning Gold Coast offers foundation repair services, to make your house structurally sound.

Underpin & Hold – this process involves constructing underpins for supporting the current level of the foundation. Concrete is poured and left to cure, thereby maintaining the current level of the building.

Underpin & Lift – this process involves constructing underpins below the foundation of a property. A hydraulic jack is used when house lifting the foundation to the desired level, bringing stability to the property.

Why Choose Gold Coast Underpinning Group?

Underpinning Gold Coast has a simple onboarding process achieved through years of experience in underpinning houses in the Gold Coast area. Our team is used to the local weather conditions and the type of soils on which most properties are built, which enables us to deliver quality work on those SA underpinning projects. We work in all environments including properties situated in areas with limited access. Clients are kept well-informed of the progress made, for the duration of the project. We offer excellent customer service, plus our affordable underpinning costs, and help in a simplified way for easy understanding.

The Underpinning Process

Below is our simplified process for handling foundation repairs, so that the project gets completed on time:

you call us to discuss your project, and schedule an assessment of the property. This consultation call helps to establish specific goals and the client’s wishes regarding the project.

we hire a structural engineer to inspect the property and make professional recommendations. This assessment will give you a picture of the overall underpinning costs, and the process involved in underpinning a house.

 it establishes the soil characteristics of the ground on which your property is built. The soil test will help to identify the type of soil and its moisture properties. Moisture content affects the ground’s bearing capacity when supporting the weight of a foundation.

underpins are marked specific points along the foundation and are excavated to the desired depth. Concrete is poured and left to cure before the underpins are loaded with the weight of the foundation.

we use house lifting techniques to raise the building to the desired level, thereby stabilising the property. 

after completing the building repairs, we leave your property clean. Any debris and the machinery brought on site is removed, to ensure that you find a home safe and ready for immediate occupation.

 after each Gold Coast restoration project, we present a project report which shows the old and new foundation and floor levels of your property. The report may help you in future when conducting building repairs.

For all your foundation repairs or any Gold Coast restorations, Total Underpinning Gold Coast is your reliable underpinning specialist. We deliver quality work at affordable underpinning costs! Call us today!